RayStorm Neo ThreadRipper (Dutch)

Het custom waterkoelblok dat op ons de beste indruk heeft achtergelaten, is de XSPC RayStorm Neo. Dit waterblok zet op overtuigende wijze de beste koelresultaten neer in al onze tests en biedt een uitgebreide rgb-implementatie, die je bovendien kunt synchroniseren met alle hardware die over een reguliere rgb-header beschikt. De Ultimate Product award is meer dan op zijn plaats en zelfs de prijs van zo'n 90 euro is gezien het gebodene niet te hoog.

Razor Neo - GTX 1080 Ti (English)

The fit and finish on the cooler are second to none. The Razor is simply a beautiful piece of hardware.

The tempered glass window is a great touch and helps giving the Razor that top-shelf look, and the benefit of it being nearly impervious to scratching and cracking is a worthy selling point.

The Razor Neo performance is temperature performance is stellar. 'Nuff said on that as the numbers speak directly to that.

RayStorm Neo ThreadRipper (German)

Now we have arrived at our test winner of this comparison. The XSPC Raystorm is something like the sledgehammer of the current testing. 

The Raystorm Neo makes no secret that he wants to be the best. Everything was up to the limit increased and optimized. The Neo is also very well made, the Plexiglas was so polished that you can look at the nozzle plate together with the slot structure exactly.

Razor RGB - GTX 1080 / 1080 Ti (English)

The I/O port manifold design used to be function over form with a large footprint offering 6 ports in multiple directions, but here we have a much smaller version with only 2 ports that has its own pro and con- the smaller design is cleaner, fits better with the overall aesthetics and does not extend past the PCB height but you now have to get rotary fittings to get the same level of freedom you have before (and more). The addition of a polished acrylic top that the aluminum fascia does not cover entirely is XSPC recognizing what the average custom watercooling customer wants, and the bundled RGB LEDs w/controller are part of that.