AX Radiators Launch

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally shipping our AX series radiators. The team here at XSPC have put a lot of work into the AX rads, so we hope you like them. The AX series was a project we started all the way back in 2011 and which was first showed at CES in January. We delayed the release many times while we tweaked the performance, but we are finally happy and the radiators should start reaching resellers next week.

We have 4 sizes and 2 colours of the radiators at present.

Version 2 H1 Cube Case

We have started shipping version 2 of the H1 Cube case. The H1 Cube+ has added support for XL-ATX and other 10slot motherboards. Further improvements include changing the thumbscrews to countersunk screws and changing the power switch to an anodised black finish.

In order to accommodate the larger motherboard tray we had to move the PSU down to the bottom of the case. This means that the case will now support three 360 radiators and two 240 radiators, vs five 360 radiators in the original H1.

Socket 2011 CPU Fixing Set Notice

We will be shipping socket 2011 fixing sets to resellers very shortly. There will be no need to replace the existing mounting plate for the Rasa, RayStorm or Delta V3 i7 blocks. All that is needed is the new fixing set.

If you need to watercool a socket 2011 chip in the meantime you could (at your own risk) use one of the following options as a temporary solution. Neither of these options is ideal and we highly recommend you wait for the official socket 2011 fixing set.

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Rasa vs RayStorm

Among the positive feedback (thanks guys) I noticed a few posts on various forums saying the RayStorm and Rasa base are probably the same, so I thought I better clear that up. The RayStorm base is 56x56mm while the Rasa is 50x50mm and we changed the pin design to fine channels. The water channel design in the Acetal top is different too.

The RayStorm won’t be replacing the Rasa, but it’s our new high end block. The Rasa will remain in production for our kits and it continues to be a great block for performance/value.

RayStorm CPU for Intel and AMD

After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce the new RayStorm CPU block. It’s our best ever performing CPU block and in my opinion the best looking. We are aiming to get it to reseller in early October.

The block will be released in two version. The first is for Intel for sockets 775, 1155, 1556, 1336 and 2011. The second is for AMD AM2 and AM3 boards as well as FM1 APUs.

Razor GTX590 wins editors choice award

Pure Overclock have posted a great roundup of GTX590 blocks. We didn’t quite take the performance crown, but we came out as the best overall for performance, installation and design.

the XSPC Razer 590 GTX is the top performer in our roundup, posting excellent results, the easiest installation, a very slimline design, and a fantastic price.