Core P5 Build

This is a display build made by one of our team. The system in on display in one of our resellers stores.

  • Case:  TT Core P5
  • CPU:  I7-3960X
  • Motherboard:  ASUS R4BE
  • GPU:  980TI
  • Memory:  Kingston 8G DDR3 1600
  • PSU: Greatwall DRAGON 1000W
  • Radiator:  XSPC AX480
  • Memory Blocks: XSPC Memory WaterBlock Set
  • CPU Block:  XSPC Raystorm Pro
  • GPU Block:  XSPC Razor GTX 980 / 980 Ti
  • Reservoir/Pump:  XSPC D5 Photon 270


i45 H2 Mod

Built primarily as a display case for the UK's largest gaming events on the calendar, Insomnia I45 Summer LAN back in 2012, this was not so much a mod as such but more of an XSPC showcase highlighting the use of various components and to show how versatile the H2 chassis is at running dual loops with the huge EVGA SR-2 motherboard.


  • H2 Tower+ Case (10PCI)
  • Raystorm CPU Blocks
  • EX480 + EX360 Radiators
  • Laing D5 Bay Res
  • 7/16" High Flex Hose
  • XSPC EC6 Red Coolant
  • Red LED Fans
  • EVGA SR-2 Motherboard
  • Intel Xeon X5650 CPU's
  • EVGA GTX480 Sli
  • Kingston HyperX SSD + 24GB RAM
  • Coolermaster 1300w Hybrid Modular PSU
  • Lamptron FC6 Fan Controllers 
Build by: Coolermeister


TCM Gaming are a highly successful, professional gaming team who wanted a gaming rig they could be proud of which would travel to all their future events worldwide.

Given a totally free reign, my main criteria was to build something that not only stood out in the crowd but also to incorporate the TCM logo and fill it up with the best high end gaming hardware i could get my hands on.

The end result was something that ticked all boxes!


  • CoolerMaster Cosmos II
  • Coolermaster 1300W Hybrid PSU
  • Asus Z9PE-D8 WS Motherboard
  • Intel Xeon E5-2687W s2011 CPU’s
  • GTX680 GPU’s
  • Kingston Limited Edition HyperX 48GB Memory
  • Kingston HyperX SSD’s
  • XSPC EX360
  • XSPC EX240 Multiport x2
  • XSPC Raystorm CPU + GPU Blocks
  • XSPC Dual DDC Bay Res
  • DDC Pumps
  • Bitspower Fittings
  • 7/16” Masterkleer Hose
  • XSPC EC6 Liquid
  • Coolermaster 120mm Fans 
Build by: Coolermeister