DDC Photon 170 Reservoir/Pump Combo

The XSPC DDC Reservoir combo is an expected and very much needed evolution to a very successful product. The size difference alone justifies it being created, marketed and eventually purchased by overclockers, high end system builders and cooling enthusiasts that want the best in their system. You can’t beat tough crystal clear glass when it comes to a holding place for heated, dyed and under pressure fluid as it will not stain, crack under the pressure or warp over time.

Razor 290/290X (English)

In use the Razor performed exceptionally well when combined with the RX 360 Radiator and stock 1650RPM XSPC fans.  It managed to cool the otherwise toasty GPU down to a very respectable 40 degrees under load, which is even more remarkable when you consider that with the stock cooler the “at rest” the temp was only three degrees cooler at 37.

RX360 V3 Radiator Review (English)

 When i first saw a picture of the (upcoming back then) RX360 V3 a while back i was quite impressed with its size and design not only because it was quite thicker and nicer looking compared to normal radiators but also because at the same time it was also thinner compared to other similar solutions (56mm/60mm). Of course using an 4mm less thick radiator is not game breaking and I’m certain XSPC is well aware of that but whatever one can squeeze out in terms of interior space is always good especially for midi and normal full towers (monsters like the 900D are not really affected).

RX360 V3 Radiator Review (English)

Given the very impressive performance of the new RX 360 V3, improved quality and finish, I have no issues in giving the RX 360 V3 five nanners. The previous generation RX series had set benchmarks for the radiator industry, the new RX series has re-written those benchmarks again when it comes to cost/performance ratio of radiators. The RX 360 is all one needs for a basic GPU and CPU loop, and to push the components to their limits.

RX360 V3 Radiator Review (English)

Now we come to the brand new high-end radiator from XSPC which could really surprise me! When you first look at the RX V3, one could suspect namely, that this model was designed more for higher fan speeds, but this is by no means so !
Even and especially with little air flow shows this "cold monster" what is in it !
With low fan speeds, the XSPC RX could put V3 radiator to the top of the test field and win the performance crown for themselves! Respect, I can only say, as the radiators from the AX and EX series, which were last published by this company are, indeed designed much more for higher air flow.

RX360 V3 Radiator (German)

Kommen wir nun zu dem brandneuen High End Radiator aus dem Hause XSPC, der mich tatsächlich überraschen konnte ! Beim ersten Blick auf den RX V3 könnte man nämlich vermuten, das dieses Modell eher für höhere Lüfterdrehzahlen konzipiert wurde, doch dies ist mitnichten so !
Bereits und besonders mit wenig Luftdurchsatz zeigt dieses "Kühlmonster" was in ihm steckt !
Mit niedrigen Lüfterdrehzahlen konnte sich der XSPC RX V3 Radiator an die Spitze des Testfeldes setzen und die Leistungskrone für sich gewinnen ! Respekt kann ich da nur sagen, denn die Radiatoren aus der AX und EX Serie, welche zuletzt von diesem Hersteller veröffentlicht wurden, sind ja viel eher für höheren Luftdurchsatz konzipiert.

RX360 V3 Radiator Review (English)

It’s great to have a high performance radiator at low fan speeds; this is what water cooling should be like. Quiet operation with great heat dissipation across the fan speed spectrum; the XSPC RX360 V3 has met all the criteria very successfully. The RX360 V3 actually surpassed our expectations in the thermal performance as we figured the fan speed variation would cause some performance drops.