We're working hard to get our RayStorm Neo Threadripper block to resellers as quick as possible. Here's a little preview. 


Socket LGA2066 Compatibility

All RayStorm V3 and RayStorm Pro blocks are fully compatible with socket LGA2066. Just use the LGA2011 mounting hardware and follow the instructions for socket 2011.

Older RayStorm V2 blocks with socket 2011 mounting hardware are also fully compatible.

If you have a V1 RayStorm you will have to upgrade the mounting hardware. Luckily we sell a kit that incudes everything you need.

Get ready for Ryzen - AMD socket AM4

We are now manufacturing waterblock upgrade kits and waterblocks for AMD socket AM4. The AM4 products will be available for purchase from our resellers by early March..

All RayStorm CPU waterblocks, going back to 2011 will be upgradeable. The upgrade kits also include our new, easy to use mounting system and our high performance K3 thermal paste.

If you're looking for a new waterblock to get the most out of new CPU, we'e also shipping an AM4 ready version of our award winning RayStorm Pro.

AMD AM4 Mounting kit for RayStorm

AMD AM4 Mounting kit for RayStorm Pro

RayStorm Pro Waterblock (AMD AM4)

Response to Mayhems forum posts

We didn't really want debate this issue in public but we have little choice now. Mick's attacks are getting a bit personal so I feel I have to respond. I tried to talk to Mick directly but he refuses to respond to emails.

I feel it's quite unprofessional for Mick to be posting parts of our email conversation and worse to post them out of context. Our offer was that he changed the design and we would look at buying pastel coolants from Mayhems. That way we could both get something positive from this whole situation.

While this argument might look petty from the outside, it's different from our perspective. Our team worked hard to develop the RX series and for someone to reuse our tooling and designs is hard to take. I fully stand by the email we sent to resellers.

We have no issue with competition and our intent isn't to stifle competition or maintain market share. We have the upmost respect for competitors like HWlabs, Swiftech, EK, Aquacomputer and others who respect IP and develop their own products. All XSPC wants is for Mayhems to compete fairly rather than take our work and call it their own. This isn't just a case of someone making a product with a similar function or look. They are using the tooling and designs that we developed.

This is mainly an issue with the factory in China that used to manufacture the RX radiators for us. They have broken both the supply agreement and the NDA by providing our designs to competitors. While it is mainly an issue with the factory, we informed Mick of the situation and he decided to go ahead anyway. We even offered to compromise and suggested they just change the external design to protect our brand. The core is our old design so we were willing to let that go since the performance is lower than the V3 RX. Mick made such a minor modification that we just couldn't accept it. At that point he refused to communicate with us.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time we have had this issue with Mayhems. The last Mayhems radiator reused ThermoChills tooling, design and even the boxes we paid for, without our permission. In that case Mick agreed to pay ThermoChill a royalty and stop production.

If Mayhems want to contact us directly we can sort this in private without taking shots at each other in public. This issue could be solved so easily without all this pointless rivalry. However, I doubt this will happen as it seems he's treating this rivalry as a marketing strategy.

I also want to say that the suggestion that we are responsible for taking down Mayhems server is ridiculous and pure fantasy on Mick's part. I guess he's trying to paint a picture of David vs Goliath or something of that nature.

Finally we have never phoned or Skype'd customers asking them not to stock Mayhems products, as Mick claims. All we have done is emailed saying we don't want our radiators displayed and sold next copies using our designs. We have done this quite openly and even told Mick that we would do so if he didn't make the changes we requested.

The dangers of dry running the D5 and DDC

The dangers of dry running

As with any spherical motor, the D5 and DDC product ranges are not designed to be ‘dry run’ or run without liquid in the pump housing.

Due to the bearing and rotor assembly design, fluid from the application or process is required to maintain lubrication between the spherical bearing ball and the rotating rotor/impeller unit. If there is no fluid present and the pump is operated in a ‘dry run’ situation, overheating can occur quickly.

As detailed in the images below, overheating can cause the carbon bearing cap to change its location, which will cause the rotor to spin off center – causing the rotor to come into contact and wear against the inside of the motor housing. If you see conditions like this inside your pump, please investigate if it has been dry run, as this is not covered by the manufacturer.


Counterfeit Coolant Warning

We have had been contact by a few customers asking if we have a new coolant called EC7. After looking into it we have discovered a Chinese company has been producing a fake coolant called EC7 and selling it with the XSPC logo.

This coolant is likely to be either water and dye, or a low quality, toxic antifreeze. We would like to warn our customers not to use this product as it will offer little or no protection for your system.

The original XSPC coolant is called EC6 and we have no plans for a product called EC7. Always make sure you buy products from an official XSPC reseller as counterfeit products are becoming a bigger issue for us. 


Below is a photo of the fake coolant.

Product Safety Notice - Razor R9 290X

Last week we were emailed by a customer who had damaged a R9 R290 card while installing our Razor R9 290X water block. Three small resistors around the highlighted screw below had been damaged during installation.

After investigating this issue we have come to the conclusion that this can only happen if the screw is significantly overtightened. Over tightening the screw will put pressure on the washer and the three resistors and lead to possible damage.

We would emphasise that care should taken when installing all Razor waterblocks and to make sure you do not over tighten any screws.

If you are worried about the possibility of damaging these components you can install the block without this screw - it will not have any effect on the performance. Alternatively you can contact your reseller and request a new replacement screw set, which will reduce the risk of this happening. We will be sending out replacement screw sets to resellers this week as a precaution.

If you have any questions please email us