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As gaming and overclocking enthusiasts, we started XSPC over 15 years ago with the vision of offering world-class cooling products that don’t sacrifice reliability or quiet operation in the pursuit of ultimate cooling performance.

Today, our product range has expanded to include everything you need to build the ultimate liquid cooling system, from water blocks, radiators and reservoirs to fixtures and fittings.

Every component we create at XSPC is engineered to the highest standards with the highest quality materials, and delivers market-leading performance without sacrificing reliability.

As XSPC continues to grow, we remain totally focussed on our original values and vision - creating water cooling components with superior performance and reliability

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Why choose XSPC Products?


  • Superior cooling performance

  • Award winning products

  • Guaranteed quality in every product

  • A complete range of cooling products from a brand you can trust

  • Over 14 years of experience

  • XSPC are a market leader in PC water cooling

Why water cool your computer?

  • Run lower temperatures

  • Better performance

  • Safer for overclocking

  • Extend life of PC Components

  • Quiet operation compared to air cooling

Proven Performance

Proven Performance

Award Winning Products

Award Winning Products

Proven Reliability

Proven Reliability

Contact Us

Contact Us

Quote: "The XSPC Razer 590 GTX is the top performer in our roundup, posting excellent results, the easiest installation, a very slimline design, and a fantastic price." PureOverclock.com

Over the years we have received hundreds of product and performance awards. Don't just take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

All XSPC products are carefully tested before sale. Our radiators for example are put through multiple pressure and QC checks to ensure reliability and quality.