D5 Dual Bay Reservoir Safety Notice

We have become aware of a fault effecting a small percentage of the first batch of our nylon D5 Dual Bay Reservoir. The issue is caused by the top of the reservoir warping and allowing a tiny gap to open up. In most cases the warping of the top will not cause a leak and is purely a visual issue, but in some cases it can lead to a very slow leak of coolant..

At the moment our records show the issue has effected 2.5% of the first batch of reservoirs. Although it's a small amount it's well above our normal RMA rate and we take the safety of our products very seriously.

How did this happen?

We always test products throughly before we release them and the D5 bayres was no different. Unfortunately when we went into production there appears to have been an issue with the material used on a small number of reservoirs.

Why wasn't this reported earlier?

Early on a handful of reports of this issue were brought to our attention by resellers. Our belief at the time was it was caused by an overloaded loop and very high water temperatures. Even though we believed the issue was caused by water temperatures beyond normal limits, we still decided to revise the design as a precaution. 

Version 2

After the initial batch of the reservoirs we changed the material and revised the mould. The revised design has been put through testing well beyond normal use and I'm please to say we have yet to see one fail in our internal tests or seen reports of this model failing in use.

The revised design started shipping in April, so all current stock at our resellers will already be version 2. If you have bought the product recently it's likely you already have the revised model. The photos below show the difference between version 1 and 2.

What should I do if I'm affected?

You can check the back of your reservoir against the photos below. If you see a leak from the highlighted area you will need to get the reservoir replaced. If you are affected by this issue please contact your local reseller to arrange an replacement, or contact or technical support support@xs-pc.com

We sincerely apologise to any customers effected by this issue.



Example of a faulty reservoir