Raystorm 750 EX280 Kit (English)

Although it did take quite a bit of time for us to wrap this review in the end it was well worth it since the Raystorm 750 EX280 WaterCooling kit outperformed every other CPU Cooler in our database with ease and at just 52.4dBA of noise (the pump may get slightly noisier from air bubbles but that will go away). Of course one of the things i really like about custom watercooling kits is that you can use massive radiators up to 560mm in length whereas AIO solutions only come with radiators up to 260mm long so in a way the 280mm one we had in this test is far from the largest/best one available. Still thanks to the excellent craftsmanship by the people over at XSPC it did manage to keep our overclocked Intel Core I7 3930k @ 4GHz from crossing over 53 degrees Celsius at heavy load.