Socket 2011 CPU Fixing Set Notice

Update: We are now starting to ship 2011 fixing sets to resellers. You can see information on the fixing set on the link below.

We will be shipping socket 2011 fixing sets to resellers very shortly. There will be no need to replace the existing mounting plate for the Rasa, RayStorm or Delta V3 i7 blocks. All that is needed is the new fixing set.

If you need to watercool a socket 2011 chip in the meantime you could (at your own risk) use one of the following options as a temporary solution. Neither of these options is ideal and we highly recommend you wait for the official socket 2011 fixing set.

If you are unsure about any of the steps below, please wait for the official 2011 fixing set. It won’t be too long.


Temporary Option A. Using the M4 AM3 screw set
1. Thread a knurled nut, spring and washer over the bolt leaving about 6mm of thread at the top.
2. Push the end of the bolt through the mounting plate, into the M4 thread on the socket and gently tighten using a screw driver. When you feel a slight resistance from the plastic film behind the M4 hole stop tightening.
3. Tighten the knurled nut to compress the spring.


Temporary Option B. Using the 1366 backplate and screw set (Note: This will only work for Rasa blocks)
1. Gently pierce the plastic film blocking the four mounting holes. (Warning: This may effect your warranty)
2. Remove the film from the back of the 1366 backplate and stick it to the existing backplate. Make sure the holes on the board lined up with the threads on the backplate.
3. Follow the original instructions supplied with the Rasa intel block.